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I am selling a domain name which I purchased to possibly use for a business venture but decided against doing so because I have not got the time to carry it out.

The domain name is

This domain name would be perfect for a pawnbroker, jeweller, goldsmith, jewellery/gold dealer, gold investment business, gold scrap metal trader or any business/organisation involving gold, luxury or any business/organisation referring to boosting moral or complimenting people could also perhaps benefit from this domain name.

The domain name is registered to me, you are paying for me to transfer it to you. There will still be a yearly cost to the domain provider of around £10-£15 GBP after purchasing from me.

I have also designed a website template which I was planning to use which can be included FOR FREE if required. Please see the photos for a preview.

The .com equivalent for this domain name was thousands of pounds to purchase when I last looked. This one is perhaps better for a UK based business as studies show that people in the UK have more trust for domain names than any others.

I cannot accept any returns/refunds once purchased.

Please feel free to ask me any questions, I will try to help best I can however I am not an expert in domain names whatsoever.

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