Collection Of Commemorative Programmes Belonging To Stanley Matthews Brother - £599 GBP

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The four programs above were purchased by myself from an auction house local to me who carried out the house clearance of Sir Stanley Matthews brother Ronnie Matthews. 

These programmes were all in the possession of Ronnie Matthews who worked in theatre. They may have possibly belonged to Stanley Matthews and were left to Ronnie when Stanley died however I believe these to be Ronnies collection.

The programmes include an Odeon Theatre programme from Hanley Stoke-On-Trent, a programme recording the queens visit to Royal Doulton, a coronation souvenir programme and another different Hanley theatre programme. 

According to Wikipedia, ‘He (Stanley Matthews) spent the summer touring theatres in a variety act with his brother Ronnie, though he was troubled by an ankle injury he picked up in a charity....’

The theatre programmes in question are likely to have been from when Ronnie was touring the theatres with his brother as one of them details how they were doing a show/performance of some kind together. The programme bares the names ‘RONNIE and STANLEY MATTHEWS’ in a sports performance category . Ronnie was likely to have kept both theatre programmes as a memento of when him and his brother worked together in the theatre that summer. 

A queen coronation programme was something that everyone had back in the day, that includes Ronnie. The Royal Doulton visit from the queen programme is a very rare object in its own right and Ronnie must have had some involvement within that visit in order to acquire the programme. Many people from Stoke-On-Trent were and still are proud of the quality pottery that it produced and still produces today, that again includes Ronnie who owned many pieces of Royal Doulton I believe as lots of it were offered on sale at the auction who carried out the house clearance. 

In conclusion, the items above may only be a set of four programmes but are actually very important and significant as they show a time that Ronnie & Stanley Matthews worked together which was extremely rare. I can’t think of anything else that shows the relationship that he and his brother had better than these. Ronnie Matthews had the largest collection of Stanley Matthews memorabilia that I have ever seen, this shows the huge amount of respect and pride he had in his brother. It also shows how like anyone at the time, he and his brother were patriotic to our queen and also shows how they cared deeply for their hometown of Stoke-On-Trent and the pottery it produced. 

The last two photographs on this listing show Stanley Matthews with his brother Ronnie and also of Stanley Matthews playing for Stoke City. 

If you are looking to purchase a piece of memorabilia of great importance to the history of Stanley Matthews, Ronnie Matthews or to Stoke City Football Club then I would recommend choosing these.

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