Christofle Fork From Saddam Hussein's Palace Baathist Military Eagle Design Symbol - £1,899 GBP

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❗️.....This may just look like an ordinary fork but it is actually an important piece of modern history which YOU could own...... ❗️

I purchased this eating utensil from someone in America. 

This piece of cutlery was once owned by Ex-Iraq president and head of armed forces, Saddam Hussein.

It was produced by the very famous French luxury tableware company Christofle stamped with the Baathist slogan and Iraq military eagle symbol.

⁉️......Think about how many heads of state and controversial figures may have used this during palace dinners and what must have been discussed........ If objects could talk, this would have a lot to say.....⁉️

Most of Hussein’s possessions were taken by American soldiers in 2003 during palace raids (they were known as ‘war trophies’) however the majority are now displayed in museums and not available for sale. 

It is incredibly rare to find an item like this‼️

The photograph uploaded shows a picture of the fork, a picture of Saddam Hussein, a picture of the dining area that was in his palace and other pieces of his tableware including another of his forks displayed in Gettysburg Museum Of History.

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